Setting Up Solar Panels For Camping And Roadtrips

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Setting Up Solar Panels For Camping And Roadtrips

21 June 2017
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Being tethered to a desk or in your home can become very boring after a while. You may have the desire to travel and maybe to enjoy the great outdoors. The problem is that the great outdoors do not come with modern amenities unless you find a camping site that comes with hookups. For example, you may want something simple such as a fridge that allows you to have more nutritional meals while out camping. Fortunately, with the development of solar technology, it is now possible to power your camping trip or road trip at any time.

Your Solar Panel Setup

You will need special camping panels that are highly portable and lightweight. These will work in conjunction with a solar regulator, a deep-cycle battery, and an inverter for 240v devices. The solar panel must be placed in a location where it can easily gather energy from the sun. The energy that is generated by the solar panel then flows to a battery through a solar regulator. The regulator is necessary for protecting the battery from fluctuations in power and preventing the battery from overcharging. 

The Panels

The solar panels come in a range of prices. The more expensive panels are made with materials that are more efficient. Therefore, if you will be charging many power-hungry devices, it will be necessary to spend more money on more powerful solar panels and to possibly purchase more than one solar panel. Also, take into consideration your lifestyle. Your solar panels might take a beating, so it may be worth it to spend more money on panels that are more durable so that you do not have to replace them as often.

The Wiring

The wiring from the solar panel to your amenities requires a clean connection with wires that are the correct size. Also, the distance between the solar panels and the cords should be as short as possible.

The Battery Monitor

Consider purchasing a good battery monitor. Many boondockers think that their batteries are fully charged, only to find out that the battery is undercharged by 10% or more. The battery monitor allows you to constantly know how much power is available. 

With the existence of solar panels, it is time to think about new ways in which you can live your life. You are no longer tethered to the power grid and as the solar panel technology improves, the sky is the limit. 

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